For more than 60 years, we’ve defined the culture of Gallagher, Flynn & Company by sharing core values that give the firm its soul.

Who We Are

We come from wide and diverse backgrounds, bringing a dynamic variety of skill sets, experiences and goals. We have long-tenured partners, mid-career professionals, and college-aged interns. There are employees here who’ve worked at the largest professional services networks in the world, and there are those who first flourished in small start-ups. Our employees are exceptionally smart, talented and driven, and together they all define our extraordinary firm culture.

What We Do

Quite simply? Embrace growth, both professional and personal. Of course, we want the firm to expand, but we also expect employees to push themselves to develop and build their expertise. We put a priority on professional development and promote continued learning. We encourage career agility and provide consistent leadership training. There is no room for stagnation here.      

How We Do It

We use the diverse array of experience and expertise as the foundation for our team-focused philosophy. Every day, we are motivated by the collective energy, brain power, and problem-solving that comes from our people pulling together on projects large, small and in between.

Where We Do It

Our two offices are uniquely positioned to allow employees to take advantage of all that northern New England has to offer. The mountains, the lakes, the woods, the nearby coast — and we’re within a day’s drive of some of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. We work hard and play hard in the communities where the quality of life is unparalleled.