A Reimagined Workplace – GFC’s South Burlington, VT Office Renovation

January 25, 2022

ReArch Company, in partnership with Office Environments, Inc., have completed renovations at Gallagher, Flynn & Company, LLP’s (GFC) headquarters located in South Burlington, Vermont. The result is a reimagined workplace the firm is proud to showcase.

A fresh, contemporary look was only one aspect of the redesign. At the outset of the project, GFC’s vision was to provide their team members a state-of-the-art work environment that was a “desired destination” rather than merely a place to work. The updates emphasize thoughtful design, and highlights GFC’s focus on providing the best workspace for their staff while promoting their brand, values and culture in meaningful ways.

One focus of the renovation was to promote transparency, and the physical changes align with the firm’s culture. Traditional drywall in the conference rooms and wooden office doors are now replaced with glass, removing barriers and promoting openness between leadership and staff. Improved natural light fills the office.

Workstations are now modular and updated to include various amenities such as adjustable desks to allow for sit or stand options and dual monitors. These changes support both permanent on-site staff as well as team members who hotel in the office in the new hybrid work environment. All conference rooms are now Microsoft Teams equipped to allow improved collaboration between on-site and remote staff, as well as to enable clients to remain connected in ways that best suit their needs. In addition to formal meeting rooms, new focus rooms and other informal areas, including a seating area in reception, empower staff with options to work independently or collaborate in ways that support team building and foster community.

Brand awareness is apparent in all finishes, from carpet to paint, and provide a cohesive identity throughout the office. A standout feature includes a large mural and curated selections of modern yet warm artwork on the walls. Elevate Design & Marketing was a key contributor in helping the firm realize their vision, consulting on branding and design elements from the inception to completion of the project.

The firm is excited to welcome staff, clients and community members to their new South Burlington office. For additional details on the project, please see ReArch Company’s renovation announcement.